When Messy Makeovers Go Wrong

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 6.58.49 AMOMG! Boy oh boy talk about a Make over going wrong. Why was it a bright idea again Ms Evelyn to give Cristen a make over? I really can’t remember? Oh and who asked this particular stylist to come? Yes that would be Evelyn and  who decided to say all the wrong things as a professional stylist? YES that would definitely be Saniy’yah SamaaSaniy’yah Samaa; Celebrity Stylist. I mean I dont’ know if she decided to turn her featured appearance into an audition for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta or BBW’side chicks. One thing’s for sure, she definitely earned herself a guest spot on WAGS.  According to the Jasmine Brand:

She’s a newbie to the reality TV cameras, but she’s already creating a bit of buzz. On Monday night, celebrity stylist Saniy’yah Samaa made her debut on Basketball Wives. During the episode Saniy’yah, who was introduced on the show by Evelyn Lozada to assist in a make-over, shockingly confessed that she had an affair with a mega basketball player, who was in a relationship with his child’s mother. This bit of tea was spilled during dinner, after she had a few cocktails. She revealed details about their relationship, but wouldn’t identify the baller’s name. Between tears she shared:

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 6.52.57 AMScreen Shot 2017-05-18 at 6.53.35 AMAnother thing I can’t understand is why Cristen was totally offended that the girls wanted to give her a makeover. She had been through so much it could have been just a really sweet gesture. I guess the stylist should have just come in and styled and buttoned her lips. She did make it all worse. I think Tammy & Jackie Cristie enjoyed seeing someone else get smart with folks. Jackie Cristie liked the stylist so much she invited her to stay for dinner. Speaking of NOT staying for dinner. When Maylasia showed up with Brandy by her side, I thought it was hilarious that Shaunie, Tammy Roman and Evelyn got up and left. However, under the circumstances I was proud of Tammy deciding  to just take the high road.

What I didn’t appreciate was Malaysia and Brandy running after the ladies. You know exactly why they left. Let them walk off and find their peace. It just reminded me of Kenya Moore running behind Porsha demanding she change her ways. When the person is ready to communicate with you. Gheezsh! But did Tammy said “I know you was stupid but I didn’t know you were deaf too?” Wowwwwwww! #MessyBoots
To see the clip of the video Click Here!


Sherri Shephard Hits the Red Carpet Giving English Lessons #BeingMessy

Sherri Shephard hits the red carpet for “Match Made in Heaven” for We TV’s season 2 premiere event in Atlanta. I didn’t think she would expect to be giving speech lessons and correct folks English. She told our own “Joel Brazille.com” that he was talking too fast and he sounded like he was speaking RUSSIAN! The real gag was when she said “Ok honey, it’s ok we learned that on Sesame Street.” Was that a read?

It got better as she moved along down the red carpet. Everyone was super excited to talk to Sherri. I was hoping she brought up the whole child support situation since we were talking about love and relationships and black love. Heck! Sherri’s got enough tea in her own love life to take over the whole new theme “Why My Relationship Wasn’t a Match Made in Heaven.” But I imagine she wasn’t there to talk about her own life. I digess. Meanwhile after Sherri finished sashaying her way down the red carpet telling folking what a jewel of a man Stevie Baggs  was we then headed inside the theater where Sherri got even funnier.

So the show opened with an introduction to the President of WE TV by Saptosa Foster, followed up by his introduction to Trina Braxton. Yes Trina was the only Braxton present that evening. Was that a read from the rest of the family? Hmmmmmm. She held it down though and we watched a clip from the #1 Show on WeTV “The Braxton Family Values” and of course Trina dropped several shameless plugs for her diner “Bar Chix” and spoke about all the yummy treats!

Then Sherri did her introduction letting everyone know the FOOD was EXCELLENT! Sherri revealed she was wearing SPANX and Saran Wrap and she had on a waist trainer but the last piece of bacon made it pop right off! Check out the video if you don’t believe me.



“Messy Boots” …just plain ole messy Jussie Smollett

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.54.18 AM.pngIt was soooo “Messy Boots” like… for Jussie Smollett to make us feel like he was leaving EMPIRE… He knows exactly what he was insinuating . That’s exactly why Gabby had to pull his coattail on Instagram and let him know the people were not having it!


Damon Dash lecture on Stress #GUHH

Damon Dash Gives Angela Simmons a lesson on Street Stress – Growing up Hip Hop #Wetv

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 11.01.30 PMOn tonight’s opening episode of We Tv’s Growing up Hip Hop -Damon Dash broke it down to Angela Simmons that street stress is being hungry, having to show up somewhere or be threatened to be killed and being poor and doing whatever to survive. Damon was not here for Angela’s complaints about trying to be stressed out behind the scenes of getting ready for her Fashion Show. Damon Dash also reiterated that when you are dodging bullets and trying to survive just to make it to the next day, it may not be considered stress if you are not able to get a new car.

Angela Simmons in a conversation with Lil Romeo (not so Lil Romeo anymore), how she felt attacked by Damon Dash because he was not letting her finish her sentence and he wasn’t trying to empathize with her pangs of building a business behind the scenes. Basically unless Angela Simmons was going to tell Damon that someone was trying to kill her or reminisce about the day she had a gun put in her mouth; I don’t believe that Damon was even taking her seriously.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.42.22 PM
Angela Simmons on the red carpet at WE TV Atlanta screening of Growing Up Hip Hop – Photo Courtesy of @redcarpetslave IG

I find it interesting that Angela discussed this with Romeo but left the conversation for her dad Reverend Run limited to discussing the box with the dirty teddy bear that was left at her door step. I wonder what advice Rev Run would have had for Angela or better yet how many bibles he would have been hitting Damon across the head with for speaking to his princess in like manner in front of her peers.

What are your thoughts? Was Damon Dash too insensitive?