Sherri Shephard Hits the Red Carpet Giving English Lessons #BeingMessy

Sherri Shephard hits the red carpet for “Match Made in Heaven” for We TV’s season 2 premiere event in Atlanta. I didn’t think she would expect to be giving speech lessons and correct folks English. She told our own “Joel” that he was talking too fast and he sounded like he was speaking RUSSIAN! The real gag was when she said “Ok honey, it’s ok we learned that on Sesame Street.” Was that a read?

It got better as she moved along down the red carpet. Everyone was super excited to talk to Sherri. I was hoping she brought up the whole child support situation since we were talking about love and relationships and black love. Heck! Sherri’s got enough tea in her own love life to take over the whole new theme “Why My Relationship Wasn’t a Match Made in Heaven.” But I imagine she wasn’t there to talk about her own life. I digess. Meanwhile after Sherri finished sashaying her way down the red carpet telling folking what a jewel of a man Stevie Baggs  was we then headed inside the theater where Sherri got even funnier.

So the show opened with an introduction to the President of WE TV by Saptosa Foster, followed up by his introduction to Trina Braxton. Yes Trina was the only Braxton present that evening. Was that a read from the rest of the family? Hmmmmmm. She held it down though and we watched a clip from the #1 Show on WeTV “The Braxton Family Values” and of course Trina dropped several shameless plugs for her diner “Bar Chix” and spoke about all the yummy treats!

Then Sherri did her introduction letting everyone know the FOOD was EXCELLENT! Sherri revealed she was wearing SPANX and Saran Wrap and she had on a waist trainer but the last piece of bacon made it pop right off! Check out the video if you don’t believe me.




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